Thursday, October 29, 2009


In the past little bit, it seems like, once again, all of my friends have been getting mission calls. Except now they are my female friends, instead of all my boys. And of course, ALL is a slight exaggeration. But still. Today I had TWO friends get their mission calls. Misty, Lindsey's old roommate, is going to Mesa Arizona, English speaking, and my dear, dear Jen (from Deutschklasse...sie ist soo toll! Ich hab sie immer Lieb so viel!) is going to BERLIN! DEUTSCHLAND! So not only is she going to Germany and speaking Deutsch, she is going to the same mission as my older-brother/best friend ELDER STERLING JAMES MASON! I WANT TO WRITE ELDER STERLING JAMES MASON AND TELL HIM, BUT I AM NOT SENDING HIM ANOTHER LETTER UNTIL I GET ONE...because I've sent him two already. Anyway.

I want a mission call. Right now. Oh well. We'll just have to wait. Hopefully in a year, I'll be getting mine. Right now the plan is to put my papers in during next Fall Semester, and leave sometime during the Winter. That way I do a semester of school here at the Y with my brother, and come back in time for fall semester again, for my last year of school, because I'll be needing an extra semester anyway. Of course, this might change, because sometimes the Lord does that to you, because he knows what's best. And also, a year is kinda a long time. :) BUT I WANT TO SERVE A MISSION SO BADLY.

Being patient is hard sometimes.


Emma said...

ME TOO. i am jealous of everyone serving missions right now. and that is so weird, because in my head, my schedule is EXACTLY the same! i want to go next fall, have one semester with my sisters who are coming back, and then leave in the winter because i'll need an extra semester as well! so weird. i'm excited for you! yay missions!

TA Demings said...

my timetable isn't the same...mostly because I don't have any older siblings/friends that I want to go to school with at the same time...but I'm kinda thinking a mission still. Maybe I could this fall and come back to do my last two semesters. My roommie from last year just got her call to Sao Paulo Brazil.