Sunday, October 11, 2009


Yesterday was an adventure. I thought I was going to spend it all doing homework--a noble goal, and with no home football game, perhaps a realistic one.


I SHOULD have done homework--actually, I needed to do what I ended up doing instead. I needed to know that I still have a social life and that I still do productive things with my life, even if they're not school productive and they're just relaxing, fun productive. Because those kind of things do exist. And I needed one. Not that I don't lounge around all the time. But that is called wasting time and it is neither relaxing nor productive. Having fun and being social and being happy when that is what you need to do is very relaxing and productive.

Instead. This is what I did (picture stolen from Miss Whitney Bush):

That is me and 10 England friends. On top of Squaw Peak. 3 miles up, 3 miles down. It was the first time I've really been hiking-hiking (because the boardwalks at Yellowstone don't really count) since England. And I've missed it, especially with those wonderful, wonderful people. Oh, and before that I had gotten up early to clean my room for cleaning checks so now it is clean and I am happy and hopefully it will stay that way although I doubt it because we all know how messy my room gets when I am stressed out.

Then Sarah L. (the beautiful girl who went to Saturday Conference with me last week and one of my best friends) came to visit me because I love her and am used to seeing her every day and I hadn't really seen her since Saturday. I had, but I hadn't. Then her, Lila, and I decided we were hungry and Lila said she'd pay for pizza, so we went to Pirate Island! Ah! I mean...ARRRRR! TWAS THE BEST, MATEY! Seriously, so awesome. And I had a balloon monkey on my shoulder the whole time. PLus the pizza wasn't bad and the company was some of the best. I don't have a picture of Pirate Island (Lila and Sarah took some on their phones, of me and the monkey outside with the Pirate Island sign, but I don't have those) so you get a picture of me and Sarah at Conference last weekend instead. Oh, Conference was such a plethora of good times too.

When I got home, I did have every intention of doing homework, but I started talking with Liz and Katelyn and Lyssa and we hardly ever see each other so it was roommate bonding. Then I watched the 2nd half of the football game, which was kind of boring at times, because we completely kicked trash. And now I have a lot a lot a lot of homework to do sometime between now and class at 11 on Monday. Yay. But yesterday was totally worth it.

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