Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Burn the Bridge, Bet the Store

Right now I'm hanging out with Sarah while she's at work. She wanted to listen to Thoroughly Modern Millie. I had forgotten how much I love this show. Good times tapping in high school, pretending to be drunk...

Plus the music is so great. So fun. I can connect to it. And it makes me feel so happy--the emotion is quite wonderful. Jimmy, Forget About the Boy, Gimme Gimme, What Do I Need With Love, Not For the Life of Me . . . :)

If you don't know Thoroughly Modern Millie, I command you to go listen to one of the above songs right now. Preferably Jimmy or What Do I Need With Love.

Oh, the places I would like to show you
Although I hardly know you
I've a funny feeling we make a perfect pair
Famous sites I want to see you seeing
Then nights of you and me-ing
Me. You. We -
Wait a minute! Just a minute! No, no, no, no!


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