Sunday, October 25, 2009

Random lists of things aka I should be editing/working on my paper for 292, of which the final draft is due tomorrow but I am not.

Happy things:
1) ESPN College GameDay and being interviewed by KSL
2) Being in the homecoming parade with Cosmo, and riding on top of the Cosmobile.
3) Free food--pancakes, pizza, etc.
4) Family
5) Best mates calling you
6) Preach my Gospel
7) Reading essays written by Kylie McQuarrie
8) My Shakespeare love-quote mug
9) Chocolate Zucchini Cake
10) Realizing that my favorite scarf is not last, but rather just fell out of my laundry basket in my apartment so it was in my living room

Sad things:
1) PGD (post-game Depression)
2) Feeling really cruddy physically and mentally, it was weird, because I knew I wasn't sick, but I wasn't feeling physically well at all
3) Not going to church because you were #2 in this list when you woke up
4) Pictures that won't stay up on my wall
5) Being really confused and conflicted about certain aspects of my life
6) Having to write this paper, because I really don't want to at the moment
7) Missing boys, especially Elder Sterling James Mason, who is like my older brother and one of my best friends. (Not that I don't miss my other guy friends and that some of them aren't like my brothers as well, but I haven't heard from Sterling in a while and have really wanted to talk to him lately)
8) Empty mailboxes--see #7

Good things that Happened Because of Bad Things:
1) Sleep
2) A cute boy trying to cheer me up (and succeeding, for the most part)

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TA Demings said...

I just wanted to comment on this. but I don't know what to say. I was going to ask why you put all the good things first and then listed the bad things because it didn't seem like your optimistic self. But then you saved it by adding those last two things.
um...have more happy things okay.