Wednesday, October 7, 2009


This is the day I've been waiting for. The beautiful fall day where it's chilly--cold, even--but not freezing. If you want, you could even walk around without a jacket. But it's fall. Cold enough to wear sweaters and jackets, but warm enough that it's not like I feel winter is right on my heels. Luckily. It was that way earlier, so I'm glad it's warmed up a tad.

Right now I'm sitting in Writing with John Bennion. Sammy's turn to be analyzed. She's writing her grandparent's memoirs for her family, right now writing about the start of her project, interviewing them instead of the actual memoirs. It's beautiful. And it makes me want to talk to my grandparents. I haven't seen Grandma Day in over a year. I miss her. We always have the funnest conversations--she is just the coolest old lady. And Grandma Ashby...I love talking to her about when she was at BYU, her college stories and how she'd go study with boys in the library (now the Testing Center) and Brimhall building because boys actually studied instead of being silly like girls, but we all tease her that she just wanted to flirt with them. I want to talk to my Grandpas. I wish I had gotten to know them better when they were still alive. I learned all the stories about my Grandpas through memoirs or stories from Grandma or their children. So. Talk to your grandparents before they're not there anymore because then you'll want to talk to them when you can't.

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Whitney said...

Talking to your parents was a theme in Priesthood, but I think it applies to this too :D Great advice regardless!