Thursday, October 8, 2009


Remember the days of a year and a half ago? When I was a little freshman and we'd all go goof off in the library instead of actually studying? And somehow, by some miracle, we managed to get everything done, get it done well to achieve good grades, and still have time for a late night adventure afterwards?

Yeah. Me too. Those days disappeared somewhere. Nowadays I'm not motivated to do school work at all, even though I enjoy all my classes. Nowadays, I'm lucky if I make it to the library (although I have also learned how to be productive at home). Nowadays, I can't stop thinking about the 30 hours of homework I need to do this weekend. My friends, midterms has come, and although I remember having just as much work to do freshman year, this homework seems to consume all my time and energy. I guess I'm just not as young as I used to be. ;)

haha, Anyway. I also feel like I'm the only one who ever does anything productive. In my D&C class, Bro. Fluhman asked what our plans for the weekend were. Everyone seemed shocked that I have so much work to do. One of my roommates is ALWAYS washing TV (she is also the one who always complains when things are messy and yet never does anything to clean it up...???). Where does she get the time to spend hours just sitting there on the couch?! I just don't understand.

Well, break time is up. It's time to get back to my To-do list. Still to go for tonight: Momo, by Michael Ende, the novel/screen play we're reading in Deutsch, journals on said Momo pages, and a paper proposal for my Engl 292 class. Luckily, I read the 50 pages of Tennyson for tomorrow earlier today. Holy poetry, Batman. I mean, I love Tennyson. LOVE. Especially In Memoriam. But 50 pages took A LONG TIME. But oh wow, twas good. I miss England. I'll dream of Tennyson Down tonight.


TA Demings said...

yes. Tennyson Down=good times. good dreams.

I think John and especially Rick left me feeling very nostalgic and england sick.

tracy said...

I feel the exact same way, except I'm motivated and work incessantly but nothing ever gets done, I'm never caught up, it's a never ending struggle.