Monday, October 12, 2009

Reasons to be Happy

1) Lots of big things I've been stressing out about lately--I don't have to stress about them for a while yet.
2) God. Okay, this is really number 1. He trusts me, He lets me choose, and you know, He's not going to let me go far without telling me what is right, what is good, what I should do, without guiding me with His gentle love.
3) School. I have a scholarship at one of the best universities in the nation. I learn about God and the world and life and literature and so many other wonderful things simultaneously. Even if it stresses me out and I think it's impossible, I really do enjoy what I'm doing, and there are days when I feel smart and actually do the impossible. And doing the impossible--it's kinda fun. :)
4) Friends. Talking with Jon and Juli before Writing today. Writing in general, and John Bennion. Syd and me trying to find ways around actually writing a real rough draft for 292 on Wed. Stephanie waiting for me outside of German, Jen saving my seat and completely goofing off with me after class every day and turning in her mission papers and giggling over that and her boyfriend visiting and the Mittwoch song. Sarah Lutz for keeping me sane, and insane, at the same time. Lindsey for randomly texting me inside jokes. My brother for saying he wants me to put off my mission a semester so that we can go to school together. Elder Garin saying he's worried that I don't actually have a social life and Elder Cowdell for always being so caring and positive. Elder Sterling James Mason and Elder Scott Savage for writing me letters that I can read over and over and over again. Katelyn for just being Katelyn and thinking about me, even if we don't have time to hang out all the time. And many others. Just because I didn't mention you doesn't mean you don't make me happy too!
5) Feeling really pretty for no particular reason.
6) The fact that after Wednesday my life should get much easier, and that this weekend I'm going home to eat Zucchini cake and make Halloween cookies with Leah and see my brother go to Sadies and maybe play a game of Settlers or two. And maybe some Rook and Clue. And play my grand piano. And do a lot of other things that I probably won't even have time to do, but am excited to be looking forward to, even if I don't get to actually do them.
And, last but not least, coming in at number 7...this photo, taken on one of the best nights of my life, stolen from Lori Fuller's Facebook:


Lisa said...

I miss you so much. You always remind me of how wonderful everything in this beautiful world is. I love you. :)

Amanda Hufstetler said...

I wanna make you happy!

Rachel said...

Chip makes me happy by posting on my blog! :D